• Retainer relationships

    Retainer relationships

    Retainer relationships are ideal for companies who produce a wide variety of products. We can help build an ongoing database that demonstrates consistency in production. Retainer relationships can also be used for regulatory compliance check-ups, research and development, and product mimicry. By enlisting our testing services upstream of production, you can minimize your production risks and allow for quick resolution of any product disputes. Think of it as active insurance to protect your reputation.
  • Forensic analysis

    Forensic analysis

    Our GC/MS provides for fast and accurate analysis of questionable products. Whether you need 1 analysis or 100, we can aid in analyzing products that seem off. Tracking inconsistencies in production and supply chain? Do you just have an unhappy customer? Find out where the problem arises, or if it actually exists.
  • Flavor analysis

    Flavor analysis

    Many times brand owners rely on companies to provide “stock” flavor mixes in order to manufacture their products. This can often times be a costly part of the manufacturing of products. We can analyze your samples and tell you what your individual flavorants are, allowing you to shop with different flavor suppliers.
  • E-liquid support

    E-liquid support

    As the FDA pushes regulation ever closer, you’ll need a team of professionals, scientists, and policy experts to help keep your products on the market. Terregen analytics offers the testing necessary to demonstrate that your products are of good and consistent quality as well as the industry relationships necessary to navigate dealings with the regulatory bodies.
  • Spirits


    Every spirit has a unique flavor profile. This comes from the presence of over 100 different major and minor inclusions in every sip, swig, or shot. In our current capacity, we are able to profile the alcohols, aldehydes, and fusel oils common to bourbon and rye whiskeys. This will provide a great fingerprint for your spirit’s flavor profile.

Terpene Analysis

Terregen analytics offers terpene profiling for aromatherapy and associated products.  If your company is looking to supplement your product line by joining the growing community of terpene-based remedies and treatments, let us help you analyze your extracts or build you a profile from the growing list of known and trusted terpenes